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John Doe Sixty Mustad Saapad Budapest

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Sixty Budapester

Sixty Budapest XTM® is an elegant leather boot that does not compromise on safety. The design is based on features such as a membrane in XTM-Fiber® giving you additional ankle, heel and forefoot reinforcement for the necessary protection. Leather shift protection gives you additional grip while shifting through the gears. The water barrier on the tongue helps keep water from washing into the boot; a zipper on the side adds convenience and comfort. Sixty Budapest XTM® is equipped with an oil-resistant, vibration-absorbing non-slip sole and sports the typical Budapest brogue design.

Material and details:

  • CE certification: EN 13634:2017
  • XTM-Fiber®
  • Vintage cowhide leather (black, burgundy)
  • Water-repellent and breathable
  • Three-point protection (ankle, heel and forefoot reinforcement)
  • Gearshift protection and reinforcement
  • Tongue with water barrier
  • Oil-resistant, vibration-absorbing non-slip sole
  • Handmade in Portugal
  • Easy Entry YKK zipper
  • John Doe brand logo
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