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John Doe Neo Valge/Pruuniga Saapad

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Neo with XTM-Fiber

Neo XTM® pushes the boundaries in motorcycle boots. It looks more like a streetwear-style sneaker boot, but the XTM-Fiber® membrane and additional ankle, heel and forefoot reinforcement give you an extremely high level of protection. The tongue is equipped with a water barrier to keep water from washing into the boot; a zipper on the side adds convenience and comfort. Neo XTM® has an oil-resistant, vibration-absorbing non-slip sole to give you additional hold and security on your motorbike or board.

Material and details:

  • CE certification: EN 13634:2017
  • XTM-Fiber®
  • Outer fabric: leather, suede, canvas
  • Water-repellent and breathable
  • Three-point protection (ankle, heel and forefoot reinforcement)
  • Tongue with water barrier
  • Oil-resistant, vibration-absorbing non-slip sole
  • Handmade in Portugal
  • Easy Entry YKK zipper
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