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John Doe Lowrider Wax Vest

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Lowrider Wax Vest

Our stitched lowrider wax vest is the perfect accessory for anyone looking for a vest that can be worn over any jackets as well as on top of t-shirts and shirts on warm days.
With its lightweight waterproof stitching structure, it is also suitable as a wind and water shield and can be fitted with a protector on the back for motor biking.

• waxed cotton
• contrast stitching
• outside facing pockets on the chest closed by zippers left / right
• cotton inner lining for comfort and breathability
• outside pockets on the side closed by zippers left / right upside down
• inside facing jet pockets closed by zipper left / right
• YKK zippers
• amour pocket for removable protectors on the back
• adjustable buckles at the hips

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