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John Doe Durango Mustad Kindad

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Durango glove with XTM-Fiber®

Durango XTM® has excellent protective properties and comes in a combination of materials. The lining in our XTM-Fiber® is the most important as it ensures its extreme abrasion resistance. The two-tone cotton and cowhide design coordinates with our Motoshirt XTM®, Defender Cargo XTM® and Cargo Stroker XTM® for awesome combination options. The pre-curved padded fingers on the glove give you a secure grip on the handlebars, even on longer journeys. The wrist on Durango XTM® adjusts using a press stud.

Material and details:

  • CE certification
  • Two-layer design
  • XTM-Fiber® lining
  • Outer material: cowhide leather, cotton twill
  • Adjustable wrist with press stud
  • John Doe Ride logo
  • Ergonomic preformed fit
  • Wave elements
  • Vintage leather
  • Padded fingers
  • Double seam
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