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Alpinestars MX Bionic Knee Protector Knee Protection Black

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Bionic Plus Knee Protectors

  • Asymmetrical and lightweight ergonomic panel construction offers extended protection surfaces to reduce rotation.
  • Dual strap closure system on Knee Protectors specially designed to offer more comfort and adjustment, with top strap mounted above the knee and lower strap positioned for ergonomic fit.
  • Vented panels and 3D mesh material give comfort to the rider, preventing heat build-up while maintaining tactile contact with skin.
  • Designed with a flexion channel through the shell that allows the shell to bend with the knee.
  • Protection systems utilizing robust protective structures and impact absorption padding.
  • Ergonomic design improves streamlining while providing crucial protection for MX and off-road riding.

    • Color/finish - Black
    • Gender - Men's
    • Model - Bionic Plus
    • Size - L/XL
    • Type - Knee
    • Units - Pair
    • Product name - Protector
    • Display color/finish - Black
    • Size group - Adult
    • Base color - Black
    Kaubamärk Alpinestars
    Seeria MX Bionic Knee Protector
    Tüüp Knee, Elbow