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Adrenaline Tekstiiljope Love Ride 2.0 Must/Roheline/Hall

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<h3>Universal, textile jacket for women, designed for city and tourist</h3>
<h3>travel. Perfectly cut into feminine shapes, it ensures protection</h3>
<h3>and great comfort of use. It is made of durable 600D polyester</h3>
<h3>with a built-in membrane, underneath there is a detachable</h3>
<h3>thermal liner. Ventilation holes at the armpits and on the back</h3>
<h3>provide airflow on warmer days, and a set of protectors ensure</h3>
<h3>the necessary level of protection. Love Ride 2.0 is a great choice</h3>
<h3>for women looking for high quality jackets at a very good price.</h3>
<p>Outer material: 100% polyester 600D</p>
<p>• soft lining - 100% polyester</p>
<p>• Reiss membrane sewn into the outer layer</p>
<p>• thermal liner, detachable, 100% polyester</p>
<p>• shoulder and elbow protectors - in accordance with the CE</p>
<p>• a large, soft protector on the back</p>
<p>• velcro inner pocket with a place for headphones</p>
<p>• waterproof inner pocket with zipper</p>
<p>• two outer waterproof pockets with zippers</p>
<p>• main fastening: zip and velcro strap under the neck</p>
<p>• fleece collar finish</p>
<p>• elastic finish on elbows and waist</p>
<p>• velcro straps adjustment at the waist</p>
<p>• cuff adjustment with a velcro strap and zipper</p>
<p>• ventilation inlets at the armpits and on the back, zippered</p>
<p>• logo made of reflective material</p>
<p>• jacket-pants fastening system</p>
<p>• decorative stripes in fluorescent yellow</p>
<p><img src="https://shop.mrttech.ee/img/cms/ladieschart.jpg" alt="" width="867" height="224" /></p>
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